Lewa’s phone remained glued to her face as Bayo’s giggles repeatedly bounced into the room, distracting her. She felt like rushing over to him to let him know that he was disturbing her, that he seemed far away, that he wasn’t good enough for her, that she needed him by her side.  Yet, she couldn’t […]

Lewa’s phone remained glued to her face as Bayo’s giggles repeatedly bounced into the room, distracting her. She felt like rushing over to him to let him know that he was disturbing her, that he seemed far away, that he wasn’t good enough for her, that she needed him by her side. 

Yet, she couldn’t overlook the fact that she had repeatedly laughed too. Happiness flowed through her because of people’s response to her pictures on Facebook and WhatsApp status. 

‘You guys are in for more’, she mumbled as she typed away.

Jolade had just promised to send more pictures from her 27th birthday party. Unlike Lewa, Jolade ignored the grumpiness of Eric, her husband’s, as she invited her wealthy male friends to her party.

Lewa didn’t need to be told that Eric was furious. Redness popped out at different parts of his face making him look like a ticking bomb, going tick, tock. 

Bayo giggled again from the parlour, bringing Lewa back to the reality of the present. 

It was time to let him see how mad she was at him. After all, she was never this careless and provoking, even with her escapade. Bayo had no reason to cheat on her. Yet, the person making him giggle wasn’t her and that was outrageous and disrespectful and needed to be stopped immediately.

 ‘Hey boo!’ She hopped out of bed and headed towards him.

Bayo wasn’t ugly. Quite the opposite, he was a real catch. Tall, dark, and handsome, and rich. Being an engineer, she never feared for the future or being with him. Her escapades with several people were from her insatiable desire for their attentions. If Bayo had been interested in Angela, they would have been better fit.

They were both compatible- two beautiful reserved people. The only difference between them was Angela’s uncouth mouth and ugly past.

‘Babe’. Lewa hugged him from behind. The parlour was massive, careful arranged, with exotic styles thrown here and there. The dinning area had a different form of lighting and wall paper, which was entirely different from the water 3D wall papers she used. The ground gave off that river feeling she wanted when she asked someone to install the floor tiles for her.

A big surprise smeared Bayo’s face as he turned towards her.  

‘Ah! Ahn! Why the peeved look?’ Lewa complained. 

‘What do you need o?’ Bayo said as his eyes darted to his game. 

‘I need you…’ She said and rubbed her hefty chest against his head, kissing it afterwards. 

‘Me? Die the idea. You’ve always been going for one party or the other with that stupid Ang… No… Not today… I can’t let you do this to me. I promise not to let her kill my joy’. Bayo refused to look at her face.

‘Leave the young girl’s name out of your mouth, bro’, Lewa hissed. ‘Come, let’s go to bed, at least’.

‘Oh… We’re about to win’, Bayo said and adjusted his headset and began to mumble into the mouthpiece. Lewa glanced at the TV and didn’t wish to like what he loved.

‘This is becoming a nuisance. You’re allowing something that wasn’t there before to be a part of our family’, Lewa cried. ‘You’ve never been a fan of games. Did I do wrong buying you game?’

She lumbered around him to obstruct his view of the flat screen. ‘Pick me or the foolish game’.

‘The game one million times’, Bayo yelled. ‘Get!’

‘Oh! I’m so going to…’ Lewa grunted as she hurried off to yank off the plug. 

Everything became silent with a pop.

‘What did you?’ Bayo screamed.

She expected him to lash out at her. Instead, he returned to the plug and hurriedly put it back in the socket. ‘I really don’t have time for this nuisance’.

‘What’s all these, Bayo? You no longer have my time and don’t give me attention’, she lamented. ‘I’m now second fiddle to a foolish game. You and your freaking game are bizarrely and upsetting close’.

‘With this…’ Bayo said and continued trying to fix the TV. ‘With this foolish action, do you think you can ever be second fiddle again? Now, you’re like the third or even the last fiddle to everything in the house’.

‘You play this game like your life depends on it’.

‘Because it’s all I’ve got. I don’t have you or…’

At that point, she heard her phone ringing. ‘I’m not done here’. 

Not minding the way she pushed the door midway and almost got slammed on the face, she turned briskly. ‘I’m coming for you’.

‘Go and learn how to be a better wife before you come for my game’.

‘Get lost!’

Angela was on the line. 

‘Oh! I’m so glad it’s you. Your brother is doing it again’.


‘He’s on his foolish game again?’

‘Oh, Bayo! Hope you guys are not fighting oh…?’ Angela asked. 

‘Blood will soon be the new paint in our house. He can either want me or stop playing that game’, Lewa shouted. 

‘Remember, no means no’, Angela advised. 

‘No kill you there. 600 years for you and your foolish no’, Lewa retorted. ‘I should have known you will support him’.

‘I can never support bad behavior. Not from you or from him’, Angela corrected and paused. ‘I just want you to thread gently. Try to distance yourself from him a little but ensure you’re doing all the things you ought to do’.

‘To what end? And be a foolish slave. Bring cup. Take cup, sir. Give me my food. Take food, sir. Oga your food don dey table’. Lewa pulled the pillow on his side of the bed and inhaled his body odour. ‘I miss the idiot when we’re living under the same roof’.

‘No. No. You’re the owner of his love and you should be in control of it. Demand it like you own it and not the way you are hysterical’, Angela chided. 

‘Are you here to see how it has been his fault? You’ll just open mouth waa. Iyanu!’ Lewa shouted. ‘I’ll even press the red button now. No time for toxicity’.

Indaboski, you really need to be calming down’, Angela said. ‘I just called for my pictures. Jolade said you have them already and her android is dead. I need to quickly send one toHanna. She wants to send the design to her stylist’.

‘Yes o. I’m not a preacher of love’, Lewa snapped. ‘Can’t Hanna ask Jolade to send the pictures too?’

‘You know she gats famz me na. I was the finest of you all that day and she had been snubbing me for sometimes now after I told her she wasn’t beautiful when she was body-shaming Tomiwa’.

‘Oh! Well, I will send them all’, Lewa replied.

‘Not all, please. Select the fine ones and send abeg. I don’t have time for long thing’.

After they have exchanged little pleasantries, Lewa slumped on the bed. She would send the picture and get back to her husband. As she swiped through the pictures, something caught her attention. 

‘Wait.’ She murmured, sitting up. 

Angela was indeed looking stunning and was staring longingly at someone. And that someone was her husband, Bayo. Lewa blinked repeatedly. Shaking her head, she zoomed in. There must be a mistake somewhere. All she could see was Bayo happily talking to someone else and Angela holding a glass cup of wine, yearning for Bayo.

‘Angela… is… so… Dead’, Lewa murmured.

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