Human Over Hoes! Chapter 1
Chapter 1 On a rating of one to ten, Angela would exceed 10 in beauty, even without her makeup, attachment, exotic dresses revealing her contours and tiny waist, sassiness, unfiltered words, and her evil look she was giving her friend, Iwalewa at the moment. 'Lewa, that's pure evil', Angela lamented. Her eyes contacts glared back […]

Chapter 1

On a rating of one to ten, Angela would exceed 10 in beauty, even without her makeup, attachment, exotic dresses revealing her contours and tiny waist, sassiness, unfiltered words, and her evil look she was giving her friend, Iwalewa at the moment.

'Lewa, that's pure evil', Angela lamented. Her eyes contacts glared back at her from the mirror behind Lewa.

Angela was that fair girl that enters any room and takes away attention from every other person, makes men hold their breath, and woman become conscious of their little defects. She was blessed with aa slim body that matches her oval face. Alongside the gorgeous shape, her waist and flat tummy kept causing a distraction to any onlooker. Her moderate 5.8 height accentuated her well ears. Even her friends couldn’t help commending her per meeting.

Lewa should have been the direct opposite of her friend. On a rating of natural beauty, she was just a number ahead of five. The only thing that gave her an edge was the voluptuous fronts she had and her massive makeup. No matter where the two friends went, their respective features always drew collective attention to the harmony of their beauty.

Had Angela’s ratings being below Lewa’s, she would have lived in Lewa's shadow because Lewa had the only thing Angela lacked: a desire for attention.  

Lewa was staring at Angela now, and the only thing she could do was to maintain the eye-contact. Angela refused to back down from the staring competition. She knew Lewa's obsession with being the right.

That day, however, Angela wouldn't feed the naughty girl's demon. Her words would reset Lewa's brain and bring back the humanity in her.

'Lewa, you can't do that to my brother', Angela shouted again.

This elicited laughter from Lewa, exposing her semi-good dentition. 'Who is your brother, abeg?'

'You can't be doing this for Bayo. It's not right in any sense of it', Angela said and patted down her fringe. She probably would touch their edges with some gel after she was done schooling the brat in front of her.

' Bayo is not your brother. Your mothers are different. Please, don't do this to me now', Angela pleaded. ' I need you to cover for me. I must meet the Chief. This money can't just go for free'.

‘Dead that discussion. I can’t imagine how the young man must have felt’, Angela said.

Lewa drew nearer. 'I told you the last time my husband no longer cares'.

Angela rested back in her armchair and looked at her friend in the customers' seat just as she would look at a troublesome customer. Her eyes hobbled through her beautiful office, making her wonder how she would feel to see everything in it destroyed. Imagining that alone caused her to sigh because that's what Lewa and Bayo’s marriage.

Slowly, Angela shook her head. 'I've known Bayo since you introduced him. He would not care'.

'He truly doesn't get angry like before', Lewa said and frowned. Her brows furrowed alongside her squinting eyes. 'I think he's cheating'.

Angela chuckled. ' You see your life? You think everyone is cheating... That was how you assumed I was dating someone last week'.

Lewa looked up from the beautiful ceramic table she was now staring at. 'Of course, you're dating someone or meeting someone, and you're not telling me. I will find that out'.

' Ah! Who did this to Lewa? Who did this to my friend?' Angela cried.

Lewa sat up. Her brown gown straightened on her body and brought a glow to her face. On making up, Lewa had never needed help. In fact, Angela became a makeup artist because she once wanted to recreate Lewa's styles, and that took her deeper into the online study of makeup and the eventual physical education of the hobby turned career.

'Enough of me. Back to you...' Angela scolded.

'No. Back to my cheating husband', Lewa said dismissively.

'Lewisko, why do you think he's cheating?' Angela said and gestured a quote-sign in the air.

'No time. But he smiles like an idiot these days and plays a lot of video games whenever he's not engrossed in his work'.

‘It’s a good sign that he now trusts you’, Angela said.

‘Not in this lifetime. Don’t you know all those sudden dreamy looks and smile people use to have whenever they are in love. I think I once did, not knowing that he’s gullible and wouldn’t show any form of manliness’.

‘Well, you could have gone back to Taju. I still remember how his hands discoloured your face for weeks’.

‘It’s okay’, Lewa clapped and rolled her eyes. ‘No one asked for your history lesson’.

Angela scoffed. 'Ewele... This one off me o. Abeg park well. I don't have time. I need to go and see what those my girls are doing for our customers. I'll tell your husband that we're going to a party. That’s if he calls o. How many days?'.

'Just weekend. I'll be back by Monday'.

‘Let’s hope he doesn’t’ call’.

‘He won’t call. Bayo is becoming contented without me these days. I’ll go and return without anything going wrong. What could go wrong?’

'What if trailer jam you?' Angela wondered.

'Trailer will not jam me. I'll not die but live in Jesus name', Lewa's cried and jumped out of her chair. 'What kind of thought is that?'

Angela shrugged. 'That's the evil that falls on evil people'.

Lewa snapped her finger across her head. 'Lai Lai. Nothing will happen to me. I don't like such words or prayer. God knows I’m hating you per day…'

'Sorry o. You know I spit facts', Angela smirked.

'Leave me. Idiot, this your mouth, I'll be the one to remove it for you. I swear. Iya Angela will praise me las Las. Child of the world', Lewa retorted.

Angela burst into a laugh. ' I'm immovable and unshakable. Even if I'm corn, you can't swallow. I have 5G blessings flowing through my vein'.

'I'm going sef', Lewa grabbed her blue Dior handbag and marched out.

'Don't spoil my tiles o', Angela shouted. 'I'll collect my last dime'.

'In your mind', Lewa snared and walked away.

Angela sat there for a while as she watched her walk away. She hated what she just did again to Bayo. He didn't really like Angela and felt she was influencing Lewa's bad behaviour and she didn't know how to let him know that It's not her fault.

Lewa popped her head into Angela's office. 'Won't you see me off?'

' Of course... Don't just die. I can't be defending a lie'. Angela followed her.

Angela spent the rest of the day in her shop. Afterwards, she went home, ate, cooked, replied a lot of messages from clients, friends, and suitors, and then she pulled out her laptop.

Quickly, she navigated to her game, logged in to her fake Facebook account, and chatted up Bayo.

'Hey, boy. Ready to whooped again?'.

She held her breathe. Immediately, his message popped up. 'You came at just the right time. I feel like beating the whole world'.

She jumped out of bed and grabbed her pad, humming "hip hop hurray".

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